This is the home page of Robert Black, musician and avid pool player.  Bob plays the electric bass guitar and upright (4,5, & 6 string, fretted & fretless) for various

bands and has also been a member of a BCA 8 ball league since 1999.  Bob currently plays bass for the Semi-Tones (facebook link and audio files



Bob has been involved with music since an early age, starting with violin at age 9, the trombone in high school, and finally the electric bass and upright bass. 

He has played in the D.C. area for more than 55 years in the jazz, rock, and blues genres with such groups as: The Blackburn Group,

Swing Thing, The James Erwin Quartet, Moving Targets, Good Tones, Juggernaut, Versus, Whatever, Step3, The Semi-Tones, V6, and

Rockville Station.  Bob has written many bass-oriented instrumental pieces that have been performed by a number of bands, including

Juggernaut, Swing Thing, Versus, V6, and Whatever.  Bob was also a member of the Encore Singers and Christ Church Choir,

where he sang bass.


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Pedulla MVP Custom 4 String Fretted

Pedulla Pentabuzz
Yamaha TRBX605FM

Stagg HDB-200 (Electric Upright)

Carvin LB76 6 String bass

Dean EABC Acoustic Electric

Squire Strat, Crafter Acoustic/Electric, and Firebrand Ukulele

 Amplification and Speakers:

Carvin BX500

o  Hartke 5000

Polytone Pro Bass

LDS 12x6x1

o  Dr. Bass 2x12
o  Behringer 450